Your Business Setup, Your Way in Two Business Days.

Studio Pulse is Automation

When a customer comes to a studio powered by Studio Pulse they are welcomed with the ease of up to date accurate information. Studio Pulse pushes your schedule to your website in a beautiful and easy to read format. Your customers can then pick classes and register with ease. They can select to pay in full or payment plans.

Do you find yourself doing the same task over and over? Are you creating your very own version of “Ground Hog Day?”

With several hundred ways for studios to save time, Studio Pulse specializes in managing your business and providing you the freedom to grow your business. Save time with our automated procedures for:

  • attendance
  • payroll
  • scheduling
  • billing
  • client emails & text messages
  • automatic notices to customers
  • report cards
  • schedule changes
  • real functional business reporting




Studio Pulse manages all of the billing from the time of registration. Your automated billing dates are fully customizable and the customer is charged the correct amount on the correct date. It is that easy. No more wasted time tracking down payments and lengthy collection calls and emails. Studio Pulse frees your mind and body from outdated processes and systems.

Studio Pulse also automates late fees and notifies you when a customer is past due. You do not have to worry about past due accounts as Studio Pulse continues to charge the card on file daily until the account is paid in full.

Studio Pulse is not only easy but it is also intelligent. It creates a list of all outstanding accounts and notifies you when the dancer should be banned from class due to non-payment.


Studio Pulse TALKS and what it states will be music to your ears. It communicates to your customers freeing you to do what you do best, grow your business.

Running a studio-based company is challenging. Communicating with your customers, instructors and staff can be daunting. The Communication Center takes the challenge of communication and transforms it into your greatest asset. Studio Pulse automates the majority of communication.

When their schedules are created, your instructors are notified of their schedules via email, text and/or their own Studio Pulse Login. They can login and view their schedules and expected pay. When a schedule is changed the instructor is emailed, texted and their online profile is also updated.

The Communication Center does not end there. The customers are also notified of schedule changes in the same manner.

If you need to communicate with a single customer or faculty member, Studio Pulse empowers you with that ability and maintains the entire communication history with your customers and faculty. This allows you and your team to cross reference all communication and keep your messaging consistent.

Studio Pulse also allows you to react to unexpected circumstances. When the weather becomes a challenge Studio Pulse saves the day. Imagine the weather changing and classes needing to be cancelled. Studio Pulse allows you to communicate with all of your customers via text and/or email to get out the important information quickly.

When it is time to register for the next semester Studio Pulse is there to enable the entire process with automated emails and or automated re-enrollment.

Studio Pulse will automatically email customers and/or text them:

  1. Five days prior to the due date with their amounts due
  2. When they have paid their monthly balance with a receipt
  3. When their account is past due
  4. When the dancer has been banned from class due to non-payment
  5. Schedule changes
  6. Class cancellations due to weather
  7. Any custom circumstance your business needs
  8. When new classes are available for registration
  9. When classes are closed and or closing

Studio Pulse lets you run your business and frees your mind from tedious paperwork and spreadsheets.


Are you tired of figuring out your monthly cash flow, ensuring each customer has been billed on time and correctly? Studio Pulse’s Dashboard is simply brilliant. It is the heart of your business at a glance. It displays your cash flow for the month, what has been collected and what is outstanding. It displays your bills for the month as well as your payroll based upon your schedule. Are you curious about your businesses health and happiness? Are you curious how happy your customers are with you? We have developed a Health & Happiness gauge for your business. It is based off of your average attendance rates, retention rates, growth rates and account delinquency rates.

If your business is setup with Quickbooks or Xero Accounting, Studio Pulse seamlessly integrates with each system.

Studio Management

When a dancer registers for a class online your rosters are automatically generated and can be printed and or emailed at a glance. Studio Pulse empowers you to set your class sizes to prevent class over crowding. When a class fills it is closed and removed from your registration options. Studio Pulse’s smart system also allows you to create a wait list for classes that have been closed. Studio Pulse alerts you when the wait list has reached your pre-set amount and then you can create a new class and capture those customers.

Are you tired of taking attendance with printed rosters and having books of attendance filling your space? Is that data impossible to analyze and understand? Studio Pulse empowers your business with iPad attendance. It is soo much more than just attendance. When the attendance is taken the instructor’s attendance is also taken and the payroll data is generated. If the instructor is absent the substitutes data is taken and they are paid for the class and your payroll is updated accordingly.

When a dancer is absent the parent is emailed and or texted in real-time. Maybe they are having a coffee with friends instead of taking class. Now you can see your attendance rates per class, per instructor, per day. Knowledge is power and with Studio Pulse you have never been so powerful.

You will know which instructors have the best attendance rates and which instructors are failing. It is so much more, attendance per day and per time slot is also provided in a simple, elegant and easy manner.


Have you spent hours trying to determine how much to pay your instructors each week and which classes they taught? That is now gone! When you create your schedule and assign instructors Studio Pulse does the rest. It presents you with your payroll for the week, month, quarter, semester and year.

When you make changes to your schedule, Studio Pulse shows the changes to your payroll in real-time. You can make decisions to save your business thousands at the click of a button.

You are simply in command of your business steering your great dream in the right direction.

Your business has never been easier to understand and run. No filters, no spreadsheets just simple and elegant information at your fingertips.

Your business is now seamless, integrated and easy to run.

Free your mind and body with Studio Pulse.


Your company’s schedule is the cornerstone of your business. It is also time consuming and has many moving parts.

Studio Pulse manages your schedule with ease and ties all of the assigned instructors to your payroll. This empowers you to understand your cash flow in real time. As you make changes to your schedule with the click of a button your payroll forecast changes with the schedule. This elegant tool gives you the information to make the right changes for your business.

Studio Pulse uploads your entire schedule with the assigned faculty and their pay rates into its system and provides you a simple and easy to use system with your business running in a simple and elegant manner.

The schedule is flexible just like you. Studio Pulse allows you to make one-time changes and or ongoing changes to the schedule with a few clicks of the mouse. It is that easy.


Studio Pulse manages your schedule with ease and ties all of the assigned instructors to your payroll. This empowers you to understand your cash flow in real time. As you make changes to your schedule with the click of a button your payroll forecast changes with the schedule. This elegant tool gives you the information to make the right changes for your business.

Studio Pulse uploads your entire schedule with the assigned faculty and their pay rates into its system and provides you a simple and easy to use system with your business running in a simple and elegant manner.

The schedule is flexible just like you. Studio Pulse allows you to make one-time changes and or ongoing changes to the schedule with a few clicks of the mouse. It is that easy.

Key Features

  • Make class changes in real time, one time changes, additions, deletions and or repeating changes for the semester and or year
  • Assign Instructors with their pay-rate assigned (multiple pay rates available for instructors)
  • Creates payroll based upon your schedule- see your payroll change in real time as your schedule is created and or changed.
  • Changes to schedule show changes to your payroll in real time
  • Instructors will be emailed their changes with changed schedule and parents of changes
  • Schedule appears in online portal to your customers and faculty members



Save Time & Create Happy Customers

Our simply elegant CUSTOMER PULSE CENTER allows your clients to register online, see their schedules, attendance records, and instructor notes.

Do you know your daily attendance averages? Do you want to know which instructors have the highest attendance rates? Do you know which days and times work best for your business? Studio Pulse will provide you that and so much more.

Customers each have their own profile.
Create Family profiles also.
Tuition Pro Rating for late enrollments.

Paying tuition or paying for classes could not be easier. Payment plans are also available for your customers making their lives very easy.

Customers know what they have paid, what is owed and when it is owed.

See your cash flow from customers in real time. How much has been paid, what is owed and which accounts are not in good standing. Studio Pulse allows you to automate your billing to auto-charge your customers each month and save hundreds of hours in billing and collections each month. Automated emails are sent when a customer’s account is past due, when receipts are generated, and whenever you determine necessary.

See your customer growth rate, retention rates, drop out rates, attendance rates per class, per day per instructor and so much more without horrible filters but easy to read displays.

Studio pulse allows you to know your business inside and out. Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business.


Memberships and Drop-In Classes
We can handle a wide range of scheduling and membership options. You can charge by the number of times per week people take classes (including unlimited). You can have a separate rate for drop-ins. You can allow people to sign up to attend specific classes each week, or let them choose the ones they want to attend. If you have special rates or discounts we can help you with that too. Above all, we will make sure that everything is setup to fit your existing program, and insure that it is easy to use for you.
Private and Semi-Private Classes
If your studio is more oriented toward private lessons, you’ll be able to schedule these easily, and not show them on the public calendar. So for example you’ll be able schedule a Pilates Private Session, but then also offer group yoga classes. You can easily view the calendar as an administrator and see just the private lessons, just the group classes, or both combined.
Class Passes and Class Cards

If you sell passes or Class Cards and you need to keep track of them, Class Cards is for you.Class Card image_no html

Fitness instructors & studios around the world run their businesses on Class Cards.  But our flexible framework accommodates many different types of business — dog obedience and after-school tutoring businesses use Class Cards too!      

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solo instructor or a business owner — this simple, flexible program was made for you.

Still using paper or spreadsheets to run your business? Or struggling with complicated software? See how Class Cards can improve your life! 

Track your passes, your customers, and your schedule. Everything you need is in this simple, easy-to-use program.

  • Create as many Class Cards or unlimited passes as you need
  • Track customer attendance and automatically see if when a customers needs to purchase a new pass


Your employees have never had it easier.

Key Features

  • Communication with your employees will never be easier and more consistent
  • Schedules are sent to them via email, text and via their own online user name and login.
  • Schedule changes made in real time are sent to the affected employees in real time.
  • Each of your employees are easily setup and can even have multiple pay-rates.
  • The payroll for your employees is completely automated when your dance schedule is created.


Your customers and employees will never be so well-informed.

Key Features

  • Email one customer, a class, a group of classes or your entire school.
  • Email a single instructor, a group of instructors or your entire staff.
  • Create Email templates to ensure accuracy to all questions.
  • Track all customer correspondence.
  • Ensure that each customer receives the correct information in a professional manner each and every time.

Communicating has never been so simple.

Your business Your way, Growing Successfully While You are Free.


Take the work out of accounting

Empower yourself with the information you need to grow your business and make the right decisions along the way.

Key Features

  • Cash Flow
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Good Standing Accounts
  • Past Due Accounts
  • Automated Billing, Late Fees, Pro-Rating
  • Quickbooks and Xero Accounting integration

The power to know and understand your business at a glance.


All of your data in easy to read reports optimized for success.

The report center aggregates all of the reports from all of the sections of Studio Pulse and allows you to customize a dashboard for your business. The report center is easy to use and does not overwhelm you with ugly filters and hard to use interfaces. The reports are simple, elegant, easy to read and understand.

Our reports empower the business owner to make the right decisions to grow your business without spending days analyzing spreadsheets.


Your business your way for your success, Studio Pulse the only way to run your studio-based business.

Setting up your business has never been easier with seven simple steps to total studio automation. The Seven Easy Steps to Total Studio Automation only requires a few hours of your time and then your business will be up and running, empowered by Studio Pulse.